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Health Information

From time to time every dog can have some form of illness.We will bring you regular updates and information on health matters as it relates to the Coton breed.

Breed Health Coordinator


Corrine Hanson-New


The Breed Health Coordinator together with the Kennel Club Health and Welfare department and the Committee of the Coton De Tulear Club of the United Kingdom have been working together to produce the 2020 Breed Health Survey. This Survey has been drawn up to investigate all aspect of general health of the breed and to ascertain if there is any condition that needs a more in-depth investigation.

This Survey will also help the Breed Health Coordinator, the Committee and the Kennel Club understand where the breed is at present in respect of its current health in the UK and will play an important part in any recommendations the Committee makes to the Kennel Club concerning health testing.

The survey is open to all breeders and owners in the UK and this is your opportunity to contribute to the health of our breed. Even if your dog(s) have never suffered from the conditions noted in the survey please complete it as we need to get a fuller picture as possible.

To ensure this survey reaches as many owners as possible it would be appreciated if all UK breeders contact their puppy owners encouraging them to complete the survey.

Please be assured all information you provide will be treated in accordance with GDPR and in the strictest confidence.

Below is the link to the survey which should only take about 10 minutes to complete.

On behalf of the Breed Health Coordinator, the Kennel Club and the Club’s Committee, we would like to thank you for your participation.


Following the recent survey into Inter-Vertebral Disc Disorder (IVDD) in Coton De Tulears in the UK, our Breed Health Co-Ordinators have informed the committee that, from all the responses received, there was only 2 dogs reported to have been diagnosed with IVDD. Although this equates to a very small percentage of Coton in the UK, it would be amiss if the committee was not to be concerned. Therefore, to ensure the continued good health of our breed in the UK we would recommend all breeders consider having their dogs tested for IVDD. If any of the tests prove to be positive i.e affected, then these dogs should not be used in any breeding regime. However, any dogs whose test show them as carriers can still be used but we would recommend that it is only mated with a dog that has tested clear, and test certificates should be provided to any new puppy buyer.

There are 2 companies in the UK that offer IVDD tests at present, these are Animal Health Trust and Animal Genetics. More information into IVDD can be found on the following websites by clicking on the links:

Animal Genetics -
Animal Health Trust -

Our Breed Health Co-ordinators will keep monitoring this condition and will keep your committee informed of any developments.


Members Report

Following the recent Breed Health Survey, we are now in a position to inform you of our findings.

Based on the information provided by our members, we can advise there were no significant diseases reported and therefore it appears that our breed still remains healthy in the UK.

We are obtaining information from research laboratories and as soon as we have collated the information we will update you on our findings.

We would like to thank everyone who took part in this survey, the information you provided has been invaluable.

Corrine Hanson-New
Breed Health Co-Ordinator

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