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The committee have become aware of comments circulating in relation to health testing and the club’s stance. There are no health requirements imposed by the Kennel Club in respect of the Coton de Tuléar.

However, a significant number of breeders test for Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA). More recently, a smaller number have tested for the condition of Canine Multifocal Retinopathy 2 (CMR2) that was noted in the short article in the recent Newsletter.

The information quoted was intended to give readers information and raise their awareness of the condition. There are disparate views about the impact of the condition and if any owner of a Coton de Tuléar has concerns then they should consult their veterinary surgeon.

The club will continue to monitor information about any conditions that may affect the breed and inform members accordingly.

The club’s stance currently reflects the Kennel Club view of not recommending any particular tests but seek to raise awareness of conditions for the information of members who can get independent advice from their veterinary surgeon.

Health Updates ...

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In all types of dog, there is always the concern with regard to any inherited condition that could affect the health and future welfare of the breed. Luckily, the Coton De Tuléar is considered to be a breed with no major health problems as stated by The Kennel Club under their Breed Watch section of their web site.

The Kennel Club states “Currently no points of concern to this breed have been identified for special attention by judges, other then those covered routinely by the Kennel Club Breed Standard”.

However, as a responsible breed club we will continue to monitor the health of the breed both inside and outside the UK in order to provide current health advice for breeders and pet owners alike.

The Coton De Tulear is a numerically small breed so we need to be very mindful of how we control our breeding programs. It would be more devastating to the future if responsible breeders began to take dogs out of a breeding programme than trying to work on eliminating any disease that may exist. We do believe that we can eradicate and avoid any potentially harmful disease by the use of careful breeding programmes.
Health condition updates will be posted as we undertake further research. Subjects to be covered will include; Neonatal Ataxia (which is really a concern for the breeder due to the fact that puppies who suffer this disease would be euthanized), Luxating Patella, PRA, CMR2 and other general health matters.

CDT Club Committee

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