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The only Coton de Tuléar breed club in the United Kingdom recognised by the Kennel Club


If you become aware of a Coton who needs this service please contact the group on 07851169900 or 0191 4479660 or 01925 713444.

During the summer of 2007, the first instance of a Coton known to the club being handed into a rescue organisation for re-homing was recorded. The efforts to deal with the situation – that eventually resulted in the dog being re-homed successfully - highlighted the need for a system to cope with any future instances.

The issue was discussed by the committee of the club and it was decided that while the breed was not yet big enough to justify a full rescue service, there was merit in agreeing to a volunteer from the committee acting as a Re-homing Co-ordinator whose details could be made available on the club website, and other appropriate places, so that those who became aware of a Coton that needs re-homing could have easy and immediate access to someone who was able to co-ordinate assistance.

It is important to note that this initiative was done with the support of the committee but was NOT the responsibility of the Club and no liability accrued to the Club.

Since then, a number of Coton owners have created a small, financially independent, Re-homing Group and have established a constitution with relevant principles and documentation - with grateful thanks to a number of other re-homing groups that were very willing to share their experience.

Everyone involved with the Group actively support the following principles:

1. The Group will have a No Destruction Policy, unless the dog is aggressive and could not be possibly passed on to anyone else or
  is so ill that it is cruel to keep the dog alive. This will only be done with veterinary advice.

2. All Cotons de Tulear that are re-homed will be spayed/neutered as appropriate.

3. The Group will retain all documentation for re-homed animals but will release relevant information.

4. The Group will work effectively with other animal protection organisations in order to provide and develop a coordinated
  approach to the promotion of Coton de Tuléar welfare.

5. The Group will work with other agencies to provide information and general publicity documents to raise awareness of, and to
  specify how to obtain, help for Cotons de Tuléar in need.

It is important to note that the re-homing group will expect breeders to manage any re-homing of dogs they have bred rather than approach the group – allowing the group to concentrate on those dogs that have been abandoned or where no breeder can be identified.

A total of 7 dogs have been re-homed very successfully so far.

We are always keen to hear from people who would consider a re-homed Coton. We would appreciate some information about yourselves before we add you to the short waiting list. We do ask for a donation towards the costs involved.

If you become aware of a Coton who needs this service please contact the group on:

07851169900 or 0191 4479660 or, 01925 713444.

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